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Due to the current travel restrictions, we are waiving any access fees associated with videoteleconferences or telephone conferences for the foreseeable future.



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All Alaris locations and globally networked firms have technically-enhanced conference rooms available and equipped for videoconferencing - whether meeting participants are a thousand miles away or just across town. See our blog for best practices when preparing for a videoconference. Click here to download our videoconferencing FAQs.

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Videoconferencing Features

With Alaris Videoconferencing Services, you can connect with the deposition witness, the court reporter and other parties remotely, saving the time, cost and hassle associated with travel. Alaris quickly and easily connects all your participants through our secure, global videoconferencing services, including mobile and video/text streaming capabilities. Other benefits of our videoconferencing services include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Content sharing
  • Exhibit display and markup tools
  • Remote collaboration on legal documents
  • Secure private chat feature
  • Recording
  • Multiple viewing options
  • Eliminate travel time and expense
  • Convenience and improved efficiency
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Mobile Videoconferencing 

In addition to providing fixed-site videoconferencing, Alaris also provides secure, web-based mobile videoconferencing for instances when participants are not able to be present at one of our meeting facilities. This allows you to connect team members and other participants via their computers and mobile devices no matter where they are in the world.

Take advantage of the convenience and practicality of mobile videoconferencing to manage a wide variety of meeting needs including:

  • Deposing busy expert witnesses
  • Collaborating with your legal team across office locations
  • Connecting with co-counsel in different jurisdictions
  • Accommodating witnesses who are confined to home or a healthcare facility
  • Conferring with litigation consultants
  • Virtual Mediation
  • Presenting expert witness testimony at trial

Interested in a demo?

To learn more and see our legal video services in action, please email or call us at 800.280.3376 for a free, no obligation demonstration that only takes a few minutes.

Videoconference FAQs
What is a remote deposition?

This technology allows you to participate in a deposition remotely from your home, office or anywhere that has a high-speed internet connection.  

What equipment do I need to participate in a remote deposition?

You can access a deposition via a Windows or Mac laptop/desktop. You can also use a smart device such as cell phones and tablets.  Most modern laptops have a built-in camera and a microphone. If your device does not have a microphone, you can join the meeting by phone for an audio connection. You will also need a high-speed connection to the internet.

Is there special software to install?

If you are using a desktop computer you may join through a browser window. If you are joining through a smart device, you simply need to download the free application from the app store that will be provided to you upon scheduling.

How is “Live Stream” different from Videoteleconference (VTC)?

Live stream is a one-way communication. You will be able to see the deposition and hear it but not be a part of the deposition. Videoteleconferencing is two-way communication allowing you to participate in the deposition.


Completed my first remote mediation today and cannot believe how well it worked.  None of the participants were in the same physical location but the tech was good enough for my clients to make a real connection with the mediator.  Alaris & Jen Matthew were there for us before, during & after the mediation and we had zero hiccups or problems - 1 click and you and your clients are in, they take care of the rest.  It was the mediator’s first time using Zoom and Alaris’s training was so perfect it felt like he was a pro.  My clients and I had a virtual private room where we could talk freely and the mediator popped in and out like usual letting us talk about the next move privately when needed and all together when it was beneficial.  Can’t thank Alaris and Jen Matthew enough for keeping my case on track despite all the challenges.  Don’t be afraid - just do it!

- Attorney—St. Louis, MO

Videoconferencing for depositions where all parties and witnesses are remote was logistically easy and glitch free.    

- Attorney—St. Louis, MO 

I am guaranteed professionalism and exceptional service when working with Alaris. As we all know, unexpected issues can arise during any deposition, but I have complete confidence that Alaris can handle whatever comes their way. The court reporters are personable yet professional and a true pleasure to work with.   

- ParalegalKansas City, MO