Video Services

Bringing motion and emotion to your case.

Our video services offer a wide array of options - both technical and storytelling. Explore our video solutions below. 

video services
Picture in Picture

Video Depositions


This unique way of presenting information equips trial lawyers with a persuasive edge in the courtroom. Picture-in-picture provides lawyers a better way to demonstrate exhibits and video while at the same time capturing vital witness expression. Our services allow lawyers to better connect jurors to the evidence.

Video capabilities include:

  • iPad/Tablet
  • Desktop & Laptop
  • Multi-Media HDMI inputs
  • Videoconferencing through Zoom or WebEx
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Technical Video Services

Fast and Detailed

Technical Video Services

When you need video syncing or transcoding of one video format to another, our team of technical experts can deliver.

Common conversions and formats below.

video synchronization 2

Video Synchronization

We can sync your digital deposition video with the written transcript for easy import into any trial presentation or case management program. 

video conversion

Video Conversion

We can transfer any existing digital or analog video format to any other format needed. Common file conversions are from analogue tapes to digital video.

audio transcript 2

Audio Transcript

Using your existing audio files, either tape or digital, we can create a searchable text file.

audio video synchronization

Audio Transcript to Video Synchronization

Any audio transcription can also be converted to a side-by-side player with audio and transcription in a multi-media presentation.

Following the conversion, we can provide any of these digital formats:

Audio: wav & MP3  /  Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 

Common delivery methods of these digital files include: CD, DVD, USB Drive and Secure FTP



Connecting you without limits

When face-to-face isn’t feasible, we can still get you there. Our state-of-the-art services can handle up to 500 video participants with 10,000 viewers. It's engineered and optimized to work reliably – every time. 

We deliver one consistent enterprise experience for all individual scenarios. Try our video conferencing services for yourself and you'll see the difference. 

video conferencing
Video Production

Video Production

When you need more than just technology


Production & Editing

Delivering quality production services including video shoots, timeline editing, motion graphics, 3-D rendering and more.

day in the life

Day-in-the-Life Videos

Pictures are worth 1,000 words and videos are worth a million. With our day-in-the-life productions, we can help you demonstrate situations and locations in a way no other medium can. 


Video Settlement Documentary

Video Settlement Documentary

Powerful and Effective Demonstration

A Video Settlement Documentary (VSD) is a powerful and effective documentation of your client’s case prepared especially for the parties at risk. It may cover, causation, liability and damages. Legal Video Services will work with you and your legal team to create a persuasive multi-media presentation that incorporates animations, interviews, depositions, photos, graphics and a professional voice-over.

video settlement documentary

The benefits of a VSD are:

  • Opposing counsel and the parties at risk see the facts as you will present them in trial – may cause them to reevaluate their position(s).
  • Prompts settlement.
  • Avoids the emotional trauma of trial.
  • Eliminates the risks and costs of trial.