We are your support, your extra set of hands.

From the Latin word for auxiliary troops. We are Alaris Litigation Services. 





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Why it matters

Alaris is more than a litigation services company.

We know litigation is demanding and situations can change at a moment's notice, and that's why we are your partner throughout the fast-paced, ever changing process. 

We provide the support you need, so that you can focus on building strong cases for your clients. 

From depositions to trial services or alternative dispute resolution, we are always on hand to take care of the details and find solutions to whatever situation you're facing. 



Our Reach 

National and international coverage from the heart of the country. 

Resources & Affiliates

Resources & Affiliates

Giving you the confidence and support you need. 

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Operational Resources 

Download court reporter resources, get more information about Alaris Litigation Services and explore additional links and resources. 


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Affiliated Organizations 

We are proud to partner with numerous professional organizations and associations from across the country. Learn more about all our affiliates here.


Want to learn more?

Reach out and we'll be happy to talk with you.