Why Utilizing the Alaris Repository Could be Vital for Your Practice

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By Mert Seaton, Alaris Account Manager

Imagine you are sitting in a hotel room, wading through documents to organize all the exhibits you want to present to an expert witness during their deposition the next day.  As you take a bite from your room-service sandwich, you realize one very important piece of paper is missing.  This document has been used in other depositions, and the expert’s comments regarding this document could make or break your case.

You quickly call your legal assistant at home and ask them to send you the document.  They search your digital database, but it is not there.  They leave their home, go into the office and start searching through files to locate this important missing piece of your case.  If they find it quickly, then you are set.  But what happens if they can’t locate it?

Does this scenario sound familiar?  Have you ever left for an out-of-town deposition with the fear that this may happen?

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the average organization loses one out of every 20 documents.  PwC also says the average organization spends $120 searching for that one lost document and wastes 25 hours recreating each lost document.

Law firms that use Alaris for their depositions can ease the worry of lost or missing documents by utilizing the Alaris Repository.  This online portal can help streamline your case and control costs by giving you access to any transcripts and exhibits you have ordered through your partnership with Alaris.  Since the Alaris Repository is cloud-based, partners can access these deposition products anywhere at any time.

You can easily access the Alaris Repository via any device through our website at alaris.us.  You and each of your support staff can be given your own secure login information, allowing you to access only products associated with your respective cases.  Once in the repository, you can locate, print and email any transcripts and exhibits associated with your case.  You can also review your Alaris deposition calendar and look up any Alaris invoices related to your cases.

When it comes to relying on a third-party vendor for storage of important case-related documents, many firms have one major concern: security. 

Alaris works diligently to ensure the security of your work.  We have established many safety measures to safeguard all our clients’ information and materials.  If you have questions regarding Alaris’ cyber security and safety measures, please contact your local Alaris Account Manager, who can provide you a list of the facts related to our cyber security and online safety (see Email Trust at Alaris).

Firms that are concerned with the cost of online storage of case-related documents have a valid argument.  The costs for storage can get very high, depending on the amount of documents/data they need stored.  This means the bigger the case, the more expensive the online storage fees. 

For those with these cost concerns, there is no reason to worry, because Alaris has you covered.  All you need to do is request your login information, and then you can access all of your deposition products. Click here to watch our tutorial of the Alaris Repository.

If you would like to ease the worry of possible lost or missing documents, then the Alaris Repository is here for you.  You can contact your local Alaris Account Manager for more information on the Alaris Repository, or you can request your Alaris Repository login information by sending an email to Repository@alaris.us.

Source: How Much Are Lost Documents Costing You? - August 23, 2018.