Alaris ADR Neutral Spotlight: The Neill Twins

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Hon. Maggie Neill (Ret.) & Hon. Mark Neill (Ret.) are neutrals on the Alaris ADR panel.  They are twins who both served as Circuit Court judges for the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court in the City of St. Louis.
In honor of their upcoming birthday on March 21st we asked them to answer some personal questions. Their answers are remarkably similar, not a surprise!


Pictured above: Maggie and Mark on the left from their childhood (3 years old), and a recent photo on the right.


What is your favorite holiday? Why?

Maggie: My favorite holiday is Christmas because that is when friends and family gather to share fond memories and the delight of the children enjoying the day.

Mark: Christmas is my favorite holiday.  It brings faith, family, and friends together to share our blessings with others close and far away.


Best vacation you ever took?

Maggie: My favorite vacation was a 3 day trip to Paris, followed by a week-long river cruise down the Seine from Lyon to Arles, stopping at villages along the way.

Mark: Paris with the entire family to attend and celebrate Erin Neill's wedding.  She is my Niece and Goddaughter.  All of our siblings and their families were together for a week in Paris.  Maggie, Cathy, Kelly, and I went to Prague and Provence the week prior.


If you could live anywhere other than St. Louis where would you live? Why?

Maggie: Durango, Colorado. Our sister Cathy lives there and it is the gateway to some beautiful national parks, great hikes and (years ago) ski resorts.

Mark: Southwest Colorado.  My four grandparents and parents lived either there in Telluride or in Denver.  My older sister, Cathy, lives in Durango. The mountains and streams are breath taking


Fondest memory of your time as a Judge?

Maggie: My fondest memory of being a judge is, like Mark, the camaraderie with my fellow judges both on the City bench and throughout the State.

Mark: Really, no one event stands out.  However, I have thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie with my colleagues.  


If you could have another career what would it be and why?

Maggie: If I had to choose another career, I would return to my former career as a Montessori teacher.

Mark: History professor like our Dad.


Which sibling is your favorite?

Maggie: My favorite sibling, keeping in mind that I have eight siblings from which to choose, is Mark. After all, he has followed me around for 70 years!

Mark: Maggie, of course.  She was first and ahead of me in almost everything we did.