The Future of Litigation Services: The Future is Now

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By Mert Seaton, Alaris Account Manager

Since our inception as a company, your team at Alaris has been making it a priority to ensure we provide the latest and best litigation technology.  We pride ourselves on staying up to date on what is available and how it can best be used by our clients.

Since the spread of COVD-19, many attorneys are realizing the technology we have been providing for years is now more important than ever.  As we talk to them about options to keep their practice going during the pandemic, we hear many say, “Wow, I guess the future is now.”   This statement especially holds true when they realize they can combine the use of Alaris’ Videoconferencing Services with the Alaris Repository.

Alaris Videoconferencing Services

This technology is a great alternative for legal professionals wanting to limit the risk of contracting COVID-19 or who want to make more efficient use of their, or their clients’, time. Unlike traditional videoconferencing capabilities, Zoom is a web-based videoconference service that enables legal professionals to conduct depositions from their phone, personal computer, or tablet.  With these capabilities, depositions can be attended from the security of your home or office, essentially eliminating the spread risks for COVID-19 and as well as the added hassle, wasted time and expense of travel.

Our videoconferencing platform is user friendly and offers many features, such as HD video, screen sharing, remote document sharing, recording the session for personal or trial use and many more. Joining a videoconference is as easy as clicking here and entering a unique meeting ID provided at the time of scheduling.

As the use of videoconferencing platforms like Zoom as increased, so have the concerns over security issues. Alaris has addressed those concerns by using password protection on all Zoom proceedings and setting each proceeding up with its own unique room ID. If the proceedings include more than one witness, Alaris has the capabilities to make sure additional witnesses are sequestered in a virtual waiting room until their session begins. Also, an Alaris technician is always available to provide training and to assist with any security concerns or technical issues.

Click here to learn more about our videoconferencing capabilities.

Alaris Repository

The Alaris Repository  is an online portal that can help streamline your case and control costs by giving you access to any transcripts and exhibits you have ordered from Alaris.  The Alaris Repository is cloud-based and can be accessed at no extra cost. This allows Alaris clients access to these deposition products from anywhere at any time.

You can easily access the Alaris Repository via any device through our website at You and each of your support staff can be given your own secure login information, allowing you to access only products associated with your respective cases.  You can then print and email any transcripts and exhibits associated with your case.  You can also review your Alaris deposition calendar and look up any Alaris invoices related to your cases.

Click here to watch our tutorial of the Alaris Repository.

A Combination for the Future

When helping clients the best ways to utilize the Alaris Videoconference Service, the one topic that always comes up is presentation of exhibits. Through consistent practice, we have found numerous ways this can be accomplished. One of the most efficient ways is for attorneys to present the exhibits digitally through the Screen Sharing function.

For the Screen Sharing method to work best, all exhibits must be pre-marked and preloaded onto the presenting attorney’s device in an easily accessible location. When preparing an exhibit that has not previously been used in other depositions, the documents must be scanned and saved in the predetermined location on the device. If the documents are already in a digital format, then they simply need to be moved to that same location.

With many attorneys and support staff still working remotely, some are finding it difficult to locate and prepare documents that were previously used in other depositions. This is where the Alaris Repository comes in to help.

The Alaris Repository allows clients access to any exhibits previously used in their cases. This could come in handy when preparing documents for videoconference depositions or trying to locate a document to present on the fly.

Once you or your support staff are logged into the repository, you can access exhibits on the “Repository” tab. Enter the case name and click the search button, and you can access all exhibits previously used in that case. You can also download and save the exhibits to a predetermined location for use in the next deposition or immediately present them through the Screen Sharing function.

Since its inception, Alaris has been preparing our clients for the future, and thanks to the “new normal,” it appears that future is now.

Contact your local Alaris Account Manager for more information on Alaris Videoconference Services or the Alaris Repository. To schedule a videoconference or to inquire about our other litigation services, contact us at 800-280-3376 or at  To request your Alaris Repository login information, send an email to