The Alaris Experience


By Leda Gipson, Alaris Account Manager

Experience is such a simple word, but it really encompasses a lot of things. To provide an experience, you must differentiate yourself, which means doing something a little unconventional and innovative. You must do something that's above and beyond what's expected. And whatever you do, it must have an emotional impact on the receiver. We are not an average company, our service is not average, and our clients are not average.

Alaris provides comprehensive services, and the people are amazing.  If there is an issue or last-minute change, Alaris always puts its client's needs first and makes sure they resolve the problem before you need to reschedule your deposition(s). I chose Alaris because of the friendly people and because they can handle all our deposition, trial preparation, and trial support needs."
Attorney, Kansas City, MO

When it comes to our clients, it is our goal to make an impact and enable their success through the Alaris experience. We focus on what really matters to them and take a distinctive approach to doing long-term business with them, with high-quality service in mind. For example, when we speak about our 24/7/365 support, we have our clients in mind, knowing that they aren’t always working normal business hours. By providing consistent, never-ending excellent service at their fingertips, we can offer full time attention to our clients when it makes sense for them.

My goal for our company is simple: Our customers have challenges. We have solutions and we’ll make them happen.
Debbie Weaver, Owner and Chief Executive Officer – Alaris

Our approach is simple. We listen, we are proactive, and we are timely. At Alaris, we think of ourselves as our clients extra set of hands. We believe in actively working for our clients in the background, forecasting every next step, so that they can continue to focus on their clients’ needs and success.

Throughout the entire process, it is our pleasure to provide a transparent and low stress partnership. During the Alaris Experience, expectations of top litigation attorneys must be matched during all stages from discovery through trial, or other legal proceedings.

"We try to use Alaris Litigation for our court reporting needs whenever possible. Debbie’s staff is always punctual, helpful, and does great work. But we also rely heavily on Debbie and her staff for our trial technology needs. They do a great job of helping us put on evidence in a professional, seamless manner. On top of all that, Debbie is willing to jump in and help solve any other problem you may need to solve. She recently helped us search out a translator for a relatively rare language. Overall, Debbie and her staff provide terrific services, and I highly recommend them for your litigation needs."
- Complex Litigation Attorney - St. Louis, MO

Each point of contact, from early case management discussions, scheduling services, use of the latest litigation technology, cyber security, final transcript/exhibit review and use, and trial team support, to legal concierge services and complimentary conference facilities, acts as a piece to the Alaris Experience puzzle.

"Alaris Trial Services works with you for days and even weeks in advance helping you get organized so you can walk in as a team.
- Alaris Trial Services Client

Our passion for building strong relationship with clients goes above and beyond just being a provider of products and services. Management sets an example of researching not just the market areas we service but digging deep to learn more about individual client needs based on their practices and their overall professional preference for them and their firms.

I choose Alaris because they are consistent, competent litigation support irrespective of where you need it.  Kansas City, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, etc. I litigate in many jurisdictions, so I don’t always know the reporter or videographer in the room. But I always know Alaris is behind whoever is there."
-  Attorney - Kansas City, MO

Our dedication continues with developing new products and services as the legal industry grows and changes. Daily, Alaris staff and teams conduct direct meetings and communication with clients. If and when mistakes should occur in delivering Alaris’ products and services, Alaris is passionate about owning it, fixing it, and developing standards and protocols to avoid future occurrences.  Today, this passion continues within the development and recruitment of the Alaris Executive Team, all of whom have industry experience as attorneys, court reporters, and/or management and understand the client’s perspective.  Alaris’ positive client relationships continue through our commitment to the industry trade organizations working closely with clients to develop continuing education and resources for the legal community. 

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased the attorney was with your facilities, the court reporter and everything about the experience during his deposition yesterday. It went off without a hitch even given the near disaster of the wrong date on the deposition notice. I particularly appreciated how responsive your scheduling department was to every e-mail question I sent while setting up the deposition - the set-up was short-notice and your office accommodated everything we requested. Just wanted you to know how nice it was to deal with a totally professional organization. Our St. Louis office recommended you and you met all expectations. Thank you again for all of your help."
- Legal Assistant - Memphis, TN

The Alaris Experience includes the passion of those top litigators and their firms, combined with the passion of Alaris to go beyond just being a provider.  We partner with several associations in an effort to intertwine with the development and growth of the legal community, including The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, and Association of Legal Administrators (Gateway and Arkansas Chapters), The Arkansas Bar Association, and The National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms to name a few.