A Message From Debbie: Redefining the Script Part 1: What Breakthrough Business Looks Like Today

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By Debbie Weaver, Alaris Owner and CEO

This year has been a year for reflection and change in so many ways. There have been so many interesting challenges for me as the owner and CEO of Alaris Litigation Services. I founded this company with one simple goal: finding solutions for our customers’ problems and striving to deliver above and beyond their expectations.

But what does that look like in today’s new world? I have done a lot of thinking about this as our business has shifted, repositioned, and redefined what we do and how we do it, while remaining true to our core values. The old way of doing things simply is not acceptable. And everyone, from the coffee shop on the corner to the biggest multinational corporation, is realizing that it is not enough to sell their business or products anymore. Instead, they are taking a hard look at what today’s consumer wants, demands, and expects from the companies they choose to work with.

Part one of helping break through the clutter and position yourself to be a trusted expert in your field – and proving yourself to be the company that consumers want to work with -- is straightforward: remembering the customer first, and foremost.

You are Not Just Selling a Product – You are Selling an Experience

Think about going into a well-known food chain or coffee shop. Yes, you are visiting these locations to get a product, whether it is coffee, a chicken sandwich, or a London Fog Latte (my favorite). But if that were all you wanted; you could go to many other places to get those items. So why do we gravitate to one company over another? Simple. It is not just what they are selling. It is how they are selling.

Today, it is not enough to have a great product. You must deliver a remarkable product and an exceptional customer experience, whether that is face-to-face or in the digital sphere. Your company needs to build a relationship with your customers above and beyond what you are providing them. Sometimes at the CEO or manager level, it is easy to forget that. We can be so focused on the health of our business and driving results that we forget the most important thing: actually focusing on the customer, instead of just saying that we are focusing on the customer.

As the head of a services  company, I feel it is essential for leaders to keep their clients as their “North Star” and to do everything in their power to make sure that patrons feel listened to and appreciated. That is one of the major reasons why I still am involved on the client concierge side of Alaris. As the owner, it is my responsibility to embody our brand and ensure that we are providing the very best experience each day at the highest level. That builds trust – not just for our clients, but for our employees and partners, too.