Missouri State Public Defender's Office Honors Alaris Litigation for Assistance in Bringing Justice to Defendants

dollars for deposition2

Alaris Litigation and its CEO, Debbie Weaver, have been honored by The Missouri State Public Defender’s Office for their Dollars for Depositions program. This initiative supports the efforts of the Missouri Coalition for the Right To Counsel (MCRC) through an ongoing contribution of in-kind deposition services.

“We are honored to receive this award,” says Debbie Weaver, CEO of Alaris Litigation. “Through our longstanding relationship with the Public Defender’s Office, we’ve seen firsthand how many individuals struggle to receive the legal counsel they deserve. Dollars for Depositions allows us to significantly impact the discovery process, which is crucial to building a strong case.”

MCRC, founded in 2017, is a non-profit partnership that allows young attorneys in private practice to gain case and trial experience by taking on cases from the Public Defender’s Office on a volunteer basis, thus helping to ease their caseload.

“We are grateful for Alaris’ and Ms. Weaver’s extremely generous support,” says Michael Barrett, Director of the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office. “The Dollars for Depositions program allows us to make great strides in the effort to preserve the right to counsel for poor persons in Missouri.”

“It is our privilege to provide assistance to the citizens of this great community where we live and work,” says Weaver. “We believe that no one should have to forgo representation because there isn’t room in the budget, and we are thrilled to play our part in changing that.”