A Message from Debbie: Looking Through a New Lens

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By Debbie Weaver, Alaris Owner and CEO

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost halfway over. Who would have thought, when the ball dropped on December 31, 2019, that just six months later we would be looking at a completely changed world? From COVID-19 to the recent unrest in the nation, society and the world as we know it has transformed.

But while change can be scary, especially when we’re in the middle of it, it’s also a chance to model optimism and hope. The Alaris of July 2020 is much different than the Alaris of January 2020, and although there has been sadness along the way, there are also amazing opportunities for growth and change that never could have occurred without the events that have taken place. As society begins to reopen and we begin heading into our new “normal,” we have been given the opportunity to look at work – and life – through a new lens.

What does a re-imagined Alaris look like? I took the opportunity to ask my staff their thoughts and how they see us moving forward in this brave new world. The answers I received were surprising, thoughtful, inspiring and uplifting. After reading their responses and doing some thinking of my own, here are my takeaways:

Increased virtual solutions and offerings.
Enterprise teleconferencing tools – such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and WebEx – have reinvented the way we work at Alaris during the pandemic. It’s not a stretch to expect that employees will continue to work remotely on a more regular basis, and law firms and courts will remain dependent on such tools for them to do their jobs as well. Alaris must respond by growing our virtual solutions and offerings to meet the needs of our clients in a more convenient manner.

World-class customer service.
We’ve always been a client-driven company, delivering world-class service to optimize the client experience and to minimize handoffs to other departments. The pandemic has allowed us to take the time to really focus and home in on what that means. Moving forward, we must take a deeper look at how we can benefit firms as a Tier-2 provider and adopt a continuous-improvement mindset to constantly look for ways to provide better service in a more efficient way.

A leaner, more highly-trained workforce.
Alaris is a significantly smaller company than it was at the beginning of 2020 – but our workforce is no less talented. In the future, we will boast a lean workforce that is fully trained and experienced in both delineated duties and cross-trained duties to make Alaris even more responsive to client needs. To that end, I would like to develop a continuous training program to keep staff engaged and developed to their full potential, and focus on smaller groups and teams that allow us to provide more personalized services to our clients than ever before. This will result in streamlined processes to more effectively communicate key details and to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and “touches,” as well as additional adjunct service offerings to more fully assist our clients and also to diversify our revenue sources.

A focus on what’s truly important.
It is our people and our clients that make Alaris an amazing company. That is and always will be the core focus of who we are and we will strive to lead our efforts now and in the future. We will continue to embrace diversity awareness within Alaris and to our overall community and progress to grow and re-imagine what we will look like in the future. COVID-19 has shown us that “this is how we did it in the past” is no longer a valid business strategy. As a company, we must continue to find new ways to grow, to help our clients, to live our Core Values and lead with purpose.

I am truly excited to re-imagine what Alaris can be and what it will be moving forward. For so long, we have been caught up on the idea of “growth,” and this is an unprecedented moment that allows us to stop, think, imagine and build. I am honored to have you all on this journey with me. If you have ideas of how we can help build a better future, together, I invite you to contact me at dweaver@alaris.us or call me at 314.504.5821. I welcome your thoughts, your inspiration and your leadership.