Limiting Coronavirus Exposure Through Alaris Videoconferencing

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By Mert Seaton, Alaris Account Manager

The last few months have been filled with news of the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).  According the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost all the confirmed cases of COVID-19 are travel-related cases or person-to-person spread. 

For those in the legal industry, this reality can add an extra dimension of caution to attending depositions in person.  With more and more states reporting confirmed or potentially positive COVID-19 cases, the proposition of traveling for out-of-town depositions has become ill-advised.

The CDC is instructing all US Citizens to limit air travel to only essentially necessary situations.  As a result, legal professionals are faced with the decision of whether those important out-of-town depositions are important enough to risk putting themselves, and their loved ones, in a situation where they could potentially contract COVID-19.  If you determine that a deposition is pivotal to your case, you have a safer option.

Alaris videoconferencing services can be a great alternative for legal professionals wanting to limit the risk of contracting COVID-19. Unlike traditional videoconferencing capabilities, Zoom is a web-based videoconference service that enables legal professionals to conduct depositions from their phone, personal computer or tablet.  With these capabilities, depositions can be attended from the security of your home or office, essentially eliminating the person-to-person spread risks for COVID-19 and as well as the added hassle and expense of travel.

Our videoconferencing platform is user friendly and offers many features, such as HD video, screen sharing, remote document sharing, secure private chat and many more. Joining a video conference is as easy as clicking here and entering your unique meeting ID that is provided at the time of scheduling.

Take advantage of the convenience and practicality of videoconferencing to manage a wide variety of meeting needs across the globe including:

  • Deposing busy expert witnesses
  • Collaborating with your legal team across office locations
  • Connecting with co-counsel in different jurisdictions
  • Accommodating witnesses who are confined to home or a healthcare facility
  • Conferring with litigation consultants
  • Presenting expert witness testimony at trial


If you have an important upcoming deposition and do not want to put yourself at risk, Alaris can help.  Click here to learn more about our videoconferencing capabilities.  To schedule a videoconference or to inquire about our other litigation services, contact us at 800-280-3376 or at