Court Reporter Spotlight: Tammie Heet

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Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Tammie Heet.

Tammie showcases so many of our values, she is flexible, innovative, resilient, proactive just to name a few. Tammie is always putting herself out there to go above and beyond with our clients, that is why she is requested by many of our clients. She recognizes the value in relationships and that is what built this company, relationships. Tammie is a true shining star and we thank her for all her years of dedication and service.

About Tammie:

Tammie Heet, RPR, CCR-MO, CSR-IL
Hometown: Millstadt, Illinois
Years Reporting: 24

"I love being part of a profession where I am constantly learning new things and being challenged. The flexibility of freelance reporting and being somewhere different all the time, meeting new people is also something I find very enjoyable. I must say I absolutely could not imagine reporting for any organization other than Alaris. Alaris has always been forward-looking with all of their offered services and staying on top of the technology needs of the legal profession. I love being a part of the Alaris family!"