Have You Heard about Our Go Green Efforts?

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In an industry that has always been highly depended on paper, modern conservation efforts and tools have produced a significant positive impact in the world of litigation. Debbie Weaver, CEO, and Owner of Alaris understands this well. Weaver began her career as a court reporter and knows firsthand that law firms struggle with a constant rainstorm of paper, from printed cases and memoranda to multiple drafts of every contract. As a result, Weaver elected to take her company digital and go paperless over 8 years ago. However, offering electronic invoices, communications, transcripts, exhibits and video deliverables is only a small part of Alaris’s green efforts. Alaris also:

  • purchases and uses environmentally friendly products,
  • purchases Energy Star-rated office equipment and appliances,
  • helps to reduce shipping and handling fees,
  • conserves fossil fuels by encouraging videoconferencing services, and
  • increase waste diversion by recycling all paper, bottles, and cans.

Alaris motivates its clients to reduce their dependency on paper by asking them to opt-in to receiving electronic transcripts, exhibits and invoices. By partnering with, Alaris’s Go Green program provides clients a three percent discount on transcripts when they choose to go paperless. Alaris has also partnered with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, so for every new client that joins the Go Green program, Alaris makes a donation in that client or firm’s name. The Missouri Coalition for the Environment provides money and services to assist in keeping Missouri State Parks free. They also assist the Soil and Water Sales Tax which supports soil and water conservation farming efforts.

“I’ve always been proud of this program since its inception,” says Leda Gipson, Kansas City Account Manager. “Some of our client’s practices are directly involved in this area, e.g. environmental law, or represent clients who are involved in this area and by participating they show others they ‘practice what they preach’.”

Alaris recommends that its clients take advantage of their online repository. Alaris’s online repository saves paper waste from multiple copies and increases efficiency during a client’s trial or deposition. This platform allows clients to have 24-hour access to all transcripts and exhibits using any device while seamlessly sharing between multiple parties at once.

Clients can also take advantage of Alaris’s robust videoconferencing services. Videoconferencing has the capabilities to bring people together virtually. Clients can attend, or have their witness attend, depositions anywhere in the world without the expense and hassle associated with traveling.

“We have seen more and more firms and individual attorneys take advantage of our ‘go green’ efforts,” said Weaver. “We are proud of the commitment we’ve made to preserving the environment and being able to offer programs that our clients find beneficially.”

On Earth Day 2019 and the 8th year of Alaris’s Go Green program, will you consider taking the plunge and going green with us? To learn more about Alaris’s go green efforts and see who’s participating, click here.