Five Tips for Successfully Working with a Trial Consultant

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By Keith Montgomery, Alaris Trial Technician

When preparing for your upcoming trial, it is vital to have the right support system behind you.  Obtaining a trial technician who can meet your standards and abilities is key.  Booking through Alaris Trial Services will ensure a professional, personalized experience.  Here are some tips when working with your “hot seat” technician:

  1. Communicate   
    Maintaining an open line of communication with the technician is pivotal to your success. We know you may not always adhere to a business-day schedule, so your technician is available after hours and is your personal point of contact for your trial. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask questions if there is any clarification needed.
  2. Be prepared                      
    The more prepared you are, the smoother the process will go. Having all materials organized (exhibits, videos, etc.) with a true plan of attack on presentation flow will create a clearer path for everyone involved. We are always happy to discuss and adjust as needed. Our goal is to react to your prompts and commands at the correct time and ensure you have everything you need to succeed during trial.
  3. Organize your Materials
    Allow your technician time to prepare your case file.  Send all exhibits, videos, designations, documents, etc. as soon as possible.  While technicians can work on the fly, good organization ahead of time can head off any potential miscues during evidence presentation.
  4. Listen
    Your trial tech is experienced and prepared to advise you, but it’s all right to offer suggestions to your technician as well.  We encourage you to have a preemptive meeting with your technician to review your overall presentation expectations.  You are the QB, and your technician is your running back; we want you to score that touchdown.
  5. Don’t Panic        
    You have a team of support if help is needed. Here at Alaris, all hands are on deck when it comes to your trial.  Whether you need production assistance, meeting spaces, war room services, coffee, you name it, we will take care of it for you.