Customer Focus, Connection and Challenges

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By Debbie Weaver, Alaris Owner and CEO

As the founder and CEO of Alaris Litigation Services, my goal for our company is simple: our customers have problems, we have solutions and we’ll make them happen.

Notice how I didn’t say our goals are to “build a multinational company” or “make $XXX million in revenue every year?” Sure, those are excellent things to strive for. However, I’ve always looked at line items like that as results. For me, goals are more than a finish line...they’re a philosophy to embody.

Throughout my career, I’ve had a lot of “aha!” moments. Here are three of my biggest that have enabled me to be a better leader to my team, a reliable service provider to my clients and a successful business owner who’s been able to grow her company year after year.

1. Customer Focus Is Your #1 Goal
Customer focus is a common goal among all businesses, from retail storefronts to global powerhouses. However, it’s one thing to say you’re focused on the customer and another to actually act like you’re focused on the customer. Oftentimes, at the CEO level, there are other goals that take up time and energy, and customer focus ends up the purview of account managers and servicers.

I believe this is a great disservice for your clients and, by extension, your company. As a leader of a consumer-serving company, you should be even more focused on making sure your clients feel listened to and appreciated. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve remained on the client service side of Alaris. I am involved at the beginning of every project and stick through it until the end, making sure that everyone involved is completely satisfied and has the best experience possible.

By making customer satisfaction your “North Star,” you and your employees will not only produce excellent work—you’ll also earn the trust and businesses of devoted, happy clients for years to come.

2. Connect with Clients, Employees and Partners on a Personal Level
No matter what product or service you’re providing, your success boils down to one word: relationships. Relationships with your clients, because their satisfaction is your goal. Relationships with your employees, who are your most valuable asset. And relationships with your business partners, who provide you with the assistance you need in order to accomplish your goals.

Every member of your team, from the vendor you order printer paper from to the CEO, has individual strengths they bring to the table. By celebrating those strengths and making honesty, respect and teamwork part of your company’s core values, your team members will feel a sense of ownership in the direction of your business, which will only serve to benefit your company.

3. Constantly Challenge Yourself
Throughout my 30+ year career, I’ve been driven by a can-do attitude—throwing myself 150% into the job and asking questions later. I always knew and believed that my organization had the products and services needed to make success happen, and by challenging myself to take risks and not take “no” for an answer, I’ve grown Alaris from a one-person company to a multinational corporation handling deposition services for legal entities around the world.

Today, I still continue to find ways to grow and challenge myself. Together with my team members, we take risks and face challenges to make Alaris the very best it can be. Challenge—for you, your employees, and your company—is what will drive and enable your success. 

These three qualities aren’t necessarily measurable by graphs, spreadsheets and charts. You more than likely won’t be able to put a dollar amount to how these qualities will increase your ROI. But by building a foundation of consumer focus, personal connection and constant challenge, you and your employees will be empowered, inspired and committed to your company’s success.