Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Saundra Tippins

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Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Saundra Tippins

Saundra is a delight to have on our Alaris team. She demonstrates many of our core values like ethical, responsive, respectful, and flexible. She is requested by many clients and is the first to help when needed. Saundra is a great role model for new reporters and shows the utmost respect for all. Alaris is lucky to have a reporter like Saundra.

About Saundra:

Saundra Tippins, CCR-MO, CSR-KS
Location: Lake Lotawana, MO
Years Reporting: 43

"I love reporting because it is brand new every day, new location, new challenges, new faces. I treasure the clients who have become friends and the memories of business travel to so many places around the world.

I am proud to be affiliated with Alaris because of their mindset toward customer service. Alaris staff is so respectful to me and makes me feel valued.

No plans to retire anytime soon!"