Local father-and-daughter artists, Robert Fishbone and Liza Fishbone, painted the vibrant mural on the first and second floors of our lobby as a representation of Alaris’ core values. Liza tells us about the meaning behind the mural.

We wanted to create a mural of beauty, that is contemplative, uplifting, and at the same time, calming. Initially inspired by the elegance and significant history of the building and its evolving uses over time, the design called out for something organic, which would complement the exposed architecture. We took further inspiration from some of Alaris’ values - especially ethics, inovation and resiliency.

RESILIENCY The ginkgo leaves, which are the oldest living plants, represent resilience which is what it takes to reach consensus.

INNOVATION Commissioning us to embellish their professional workspace with a larger than life art piece demonstrates Alaris’ continuous innovative approach to all things.

ETHICAL The flowers and plants growing towards the sun, rendered in the mural as a compass, shows our shared ethical value of seeking truth.


Robert Fishbone and his late wife, Sarah Linquist, are known for their murals throughout St. Louis. After his wife’s passing in 2010, their daughter, Liza, has continued in the family tradition and frequently paints murals with her father, including the “66 Reasons to Love St. Louis” mural on the KDHX building on Washington Avenue.