Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Mary Lynn Cushing

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Mary Lynn Cushing is one of a kind. She doesn’t hesitate to help us out when needed including Grand Jury in other areas. Mary Lynn is someone to look up to. She lights up a room when she arrives and can handle any situation that is thrown at her. We could not be more pleased to have Mary Lynn on the Alaris team. She exudes our culture and is a true professional.

About Mary Lynn:

Mary Lynn Cushing, CCR-MO, CSR-KS
Location: Kansas City, MO
Years Reporting: 33

"You would think reporting as long as I have, I would have heard everything. NOT!!!! I am still hearing and experiencing different things in depositions still today.   Being a court reporter definitely has its challenges and ups and downs.. Mostly up!! It has been a great profession for me, and I feel Alaris has played a big part in making it a great profession. I have developed wonderful friendships with the people I work with at Alaris, including attorneys.   Debbie Weaver and the whole team are always behind you and have your back in all sorts of situations.  I was in the court system for 17 years and then left to freelance. So glad I did!!   

During the craziness we have experienced this last year has been trying, but the Alaris team worked hard and kept going forward with marketing the Zoom and everything else they have to offer and still going strong. I feel very fortunate to have experienced working at Alaris!”