Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Julie McPherson

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Julie McPherson is great to work with and has embraced the Alaris way with ease. Julie always does what she can to help and is a joy to work with. Julie is one that we can count on and the clients in Arkansas love working with her. Thank you for being part of the A-Team.

About Julie:

Julie McPherson, CCR-AR
Location: Little Rock, AR
Years Reporting: 28

"Freelance reporting has turned out to be a good fit for my anti-monotony personality, as well as the flexibility it provides my free-spirited nature!  After working in Arkansas for 20 years, having Alaris come into this market was a breath of fresh, modern air and a great boost to my career personally, providing service and operating options we've never had here in this limited market.  Getting to experience and be a part of the growth here, and work within more efficient systems that haven't been previously provided here, has been professionally rewarding, as well as the business model a better fit for me.  I've had a lot more opportunity and gotten to experience new, more varied challenges professionally, so I'm grateful to have had this career-renewing experience!”