Alaris ADR Welcomes Michael Shay and Meghan Brantley

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Get to know the new faces at Alaris ADR

Alaris ADR is excited to introduce you to our new Administrative Assistants, Michael (Mike) Shay and Meghan Brantley. In these roles, Mike and Meghan will provide organizational and legal support including scheduling, assistance with complimentary CLE webinars and supporting clients in the office and with remote ADR proceedings.

Mike has worked in the Missouri Federal court system for 20 years. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies, and a minor in psychology from University of Missouri, St. Louis.

“After working from home during COVID-19, I re-assessed my goals and decided that I wanted a position that would allow me to grow personally and professionally.  I’m enjoying my return to the private sector and being at Alaris. I look forward to continued success,” stated Mike on joining the Alaris ADR team.

Meghan has worked in the courts and client service for two years. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Legal Studies and Paralegal Certificate from St. Louis Community College, and is currently working on acquiring her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies from Webster University.

“One thing that I am hoping to gain from Alaris is a strong foundation. The company has paved so many paths for itself and I think that speaks well for the management and overall desire of the company,” Meghan commented on her new role with Alaris.


Q: What made you pursue a career in the legal field?

A – Mike:

I remember my mom telling me that lawyers made a lot of money.  I was probably a freshman in high school then. I liked that idea. I was also ambitious. 

I changed my goals and college majors more than once, but I always came back to law.  At one time, I intended to go to law school. I had considered a career in law enforcement or as a career prosecutor.  I worked for Missouri Public Defender for a while as well.

As a Pre-Trial Release Commissioner, I gained experience on the judicial side.  I was presented with an opportunity to work for the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Clerk’s office, and I enjoyed it. I had advanced as far as I could, and I also wanted to contribute creatively.


I would say one of the main reasons I decided to pursue a career in the legal field is that there always is a constant challenge. Every day I could be presented with a new project or even new area of the field and still enjoy it. When I took my first Intro to Law class, I really did it just to see if I would even enjoy it and found myself understanding it very naturally. Now three years into my education and just under a year in work experience, it has solidified my interest and desire to keep helping and assisting others as well as growing myself professionally.

I have loved the connections I have been able to create and the constant encouragement that I have received in my short time being here. Over time, I really hope to gain more understanding of the field as well as myself in the many years to come through Alaris and the individuals here.


Q: What is your most used emoji?

A – Mike: Smiley face.

A-Meghan: The laughing, crying face. I use that multiple times a day.


Q: What If you could be on a reality TV show, which one would you choose and why?

A – Mike: I have a new concept…  Pasta-Your-Way
This is where I go to people’s houses and they cook for me, and I give them my opinion.

A-Meghan: The Amazing Race. My sister and I used to watch it all the time when we were growing up and would talk about how some day we would enter to be a part of it.


Q: Would you rather be the funniest or smartest person in the room?

A – Mike: Smartest.

A-Meghan: The Funniest.


Q: What is your favorite meal to cook and why?

A – Mike: Anything spicy. I love Indian food.

A-Meghan: Definitely creamy lemon, garlic chicken with homemade alfredo pasta and broccoli. I really love making this because it is one of the first meals I made for my friends when I got my own place. Plus, taking the time to make the alfredo sauce is a fun process as I keep learning how to make it better.


Q: What would you like to do when you retire?

A – Mike: Sit on the beach.

A-Meghan: If I am not already there, I would love to move back to England and retire outside of London.

In Mike’s spare time he enjoys gardening, painting, and target shooting. Mike is married to Bella, and they have two daughters named Tamara and Shiloh.

When Meghan is not continuing her education, she is known to travel, hike and loves being outdoors. Meghan also works in community theatre with St. Joseph Academy.

Mike and Meghan joined Alaris in mid-January of 2021 and have been a great addition to the team.

“With the growth of Alaris ADR we are excited to have Mike and Meghan join our team. They are both professional and eager to facilitate the needs of our neutrals and clients alike.”
- Jennifer Matthew, Director of ADR and Counsel.