A Message from Debbie: Cheers to a new year!

happy new year

By Debbie Weaver, Alaris Owner and CEO

Happy New Year! We made it! I could not be prouder of what we have accomplished in the past year, but I am even more excited as we forge ahead into the future.

As many people do at the start of a new year, I like to assess what we did well in the past and think about how we can do even better now. What always rises to the top of my mind are our core values.

It may not be news that our values are the pillars of every decision we make. They are the foundation of who we are, and not only keep us grounded, but also push us to go above and beyond for our clients, each day. We are a “say yes” culture and want to keep it that way—to help and serve our clients in any way we can.


So how can we use our values to grow in 2021?

We can continue to be:

  1. Responsive and dependable. I am proud of how quickly we respond to our current and potential clients. We are here 24/7, because not every client works a standard 9-5 job (we certainly do not), and we honor and respect our clients’ time. We know how to act promptly and professionally, making difficult things seem easy. And if we could make 2020 seem easy, we surely can continue that path in 2021.
  2. Resilient and innovative. I have no doubt that the world will continue to change, and we must be willing to change with it. With new ways of working in this post-COVID-19 world, we need to be able to move quickly from Plan A to Plan B to deliver stellar customer service. We are constantly upgrading our methods of work to make sure our ways of communicating include the latest technology and processes so we can work better, faster.
  3. Ethical and respectful. No matter what the new year brings, our integrity has always been top notch, as we treat people with respect and fairness. That will never change. We believe in the inherent values of all human beings, and we will stand up for our customers, employees, and vendors. In 2021, this will continue to be a big emphasis as we listen, encourage, and lend a helping hand to those around us. This not only includes our client work, but it also includes our dedication to our local charities and volunteer work.
  4. Proactive, continuously learning, and flexible.  Not many of us could have forecasted what happened last year, but we can learn from our experiences to help us move forward. We are continuously learning, discovering new and more efficient ways of doing things, and we have a flexibility to evolve our methods to provide the best experience for our clients. Our team is constantly being trained in new technologies and is ready to respond and adapt. My team’s resilience is admirable, and I appreciate their willingness to pivot, learn, and move forward for the greater good.  
  5. Diverse. One of the most important values we have as a team is diversity. We respect and celebrate each viewpoint that is brought to the table, as it enriches and strengthens our team. We are committed to an open and diverse workplace, believing that all people have equal value. This will continue to be a focus in 2021, as we dedicate ourselves to being a force for good for ourselves, our clients, and vendors.

Our people help make Alaris stand out from the rest, and 2020 was no exception. I cannot move into 2021 without mentioning our 2020 4th Quarter Values Winner, Dave Willman, Sr. IT Specialist. Dave was exemplary in modeling our values of responsiveness, dependability, continuous learning, and flexibility. He constantly monitored IT trends to make sure we were up to date and implementing the latest technology, he was extremely reliable, supporting both on-site and remote users, and responded quickly to requests. Thank you, Dave, for being our jack-of-all-trades during these trying times!

2021 has many exciting things in store for us all, and I am excited to be a part of this company, for all our dedicated team members and clients. I look forward to tackling whatever is next with all of you—because I know that together, we can do anything.