A Message From Debbie: Redefining the Script Part 3: Flip the Script to Define “Challenges” as “Opportunities”

sean stratton ObpCE X3j6U unsplash

By Debbie Weaver, Alaris Owner and CEO

Challenges have certainly not been few and far between this year. Like most companies, Alaris has faced many considerable challenges over the past seven months, from changing where many of us work to changing how we do our work, while still providing the best possible service to our clients. In the face of such challenges, it is easy to become fixated on how much has changed and how much we’ve had to adapt our business to meet the constantly evolving needs of our clients, especially at such a greatly accelerated rate.

Throughout my 35+ year career, I have learned that the only thing constant in life is change. We cannot escape change, but we can redefine our approach to how we view change. I have always been driven by a can-do attitude, and I have always believed that my organization and I have what it takes to succeed, no matter what challenges come our way. In fact, I have always seen challenges as opportunities. Every challenge brings new opportunities to learn, to grow, to rethink our processes and roles and to generate constant improvement in myself, my company, and my community.

No matter what challenges come our way, we face change with our clients as our primary focus. This point is not necessarily groundbreaking. But I have often found that the most obvious solution is not always the easiest, which is why companies can tend to overlook them. By being bold, embracing change and refocusing how you think about yourself, your business and, most especially, your clients, you will be amazed at how quickly and successfully you can break through the clutter and build your company’s success...starting today.

As we embark on Customer Service Week, I’d personally like to take this time to express my gratitude to our clients for allowing us to serve them through these uncertain times and supporting us as we adapt and grow with every new challenge. You are the heart of our company and we are so grateful for you.