A Message from Debbie: Reflections on 2020

christian l T0iFfJw rB0 unsplash

By Debbie Weaver, Alaris Owner and CEO

Are you as relieved as I am that it is December? It has been quite the year—a year that makes you take a pause and reflect on how lucky we are to do what we do, have what we have, and to be able to give what we can give. One the things I appreciate the most about Alaris is our ability to rise and help no matter what else is going on. Our company has been working side by side with so many people for many years, and this year was no different.

We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to give back and support those around us. I am honored to say that despite the challenges this year, we were able to grow relationships with our charitable partners, and significantly support local charities to further their causes. When news of a potential quarantine spread back earlier this year, we thought outside the box, anticipating the possible struggles small businesses might have during COVID-19, and came up with ideas to support local retailers.

Debbie Weaver organized 25 Thanksgiving dinners to donate to Let's Start on 11/21/2020 and 60 Thanksgiving dinners to donate to The Center for Women in Transition on 11/25/2020.

I want to emphasize that it is not just our relationships with our charitable partners that make us who we are. It is also what you do day-in and day-out that truly makes a difference in the lives of our team, our clients, and partners.


Ways our team made a difference every day in 2020:

By being resilient.

We faced adversities head-on, and saw them not as problems, but as opportunities to learn and grow. We changed the ways we worked without wavering. Change for us does not mean lower quality; if anything, it heightened our perseverance in finding ways to best serve our clients.

I have learned through this process that I am resilient, Alaris is resilient, our clients are as well. I have learned that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to be vulnerable. You must trust your intuition and always remember that change is growth, and you just have to believe that everything will be okay.

By being flexible.

We spent the year adapting and were ready to serve in any way, creating innovative and client-focused solutions. We kept client satisfaction foremost in our minds and were willing to go the extra mile. The sudden exponential increase in videoconference proceedings this year led us to substantially increase our educational outreach in the litigation community with countless demonstrations of this technology. The job duties of our videographers and trial technicians sharply pivoted to assisting with connections and exhibit display. Our schedulers quickly got up to speed on coordinating remote depositions at a moment’s notice. As a company, we recommitted ourselves to assisting our clients at every turn, no matter how sharp or how quickly they came upon us.

By being proactive.

We were able to anticipate and forecast the needs and challenges of our clients, supporting them in ways they may not even have realized they needed. We understood and lived under the belief that there is there is no end to knowledge and that the best leaders are also learners. We remained driven, training in new technology as needed to be ready to respond to the new demands of our evolving times.

Our resolute support is one of the many reasons why I am honored to be surrounded by people like you—the Alaris family, our clients, and our partners. As we venture forward into 2021, I hope to continue to uphold our mission of celebrating and assisting others; to be respectful, responsible, ethical, and dependable.

Here is to new beginnings, and to starting 2021 with positivity, gratitude, and most of all, hope.

Thank you.