A Message From Debbie: Redefining the Script Part 2: You are Working for Your Clients, Employees and Partners – Not the Other Way Around

hannah busing Zyx1bK9mqmA unsplash

By Debbie Weaver, Alaris Owner and CEO

So often it is easy to think of your employees, partners and clients as, in a sense, working for you. Employees literally work for you as you are their employer. Your partners work for you in that you rely on them to do your best possible work. And although customers do not necessarily work “for” you, their dollars go into your coffers. It is easy to think about these relationships as primarily benefiting you.

However, that is not true, is it? Every member of your team and your network – no matter what role they play – is your end consumer. Each day you have the chance to prove your worth to them and maintain their trust, appreciation and passion for what you do. Currently it is not enough to be a big company with a long history of great relationships and products. That is in the past. Now every day is a new chance to succeed or fail on the value of what you provide to your partners, employees and customers. They are your asset, and the responsibility is on your shoulders to prove to them why your organization is the organization that deserves their trust.

By celebrating the people who make your company “you,” everyone who has a stake in the business will feel a sense of pride and ownership in your organization. And that is a priceless tool.