Jennifer Matthew Elected as President of the Women Lawyers' Association of Greater St. Louis

Jennifer Matthew is the Director of ADR and Counsel for Alaris, where she focuses on all business aspects of the ADR program which includes arbitration, mediation and special master services.

Court Reporter Spotlight: Karen Vest

Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Karen Vest Karen is a dedicated, dependable, flexible, professional Court Reporter and individual.

Alaris Owner & CEO to be Honored for Advancing Diversity & Inclusion in the Legal Community

Debbie Weaver, Owner and CEO of Alaris, will be honored at the Missouri Lawyers Media Diversity & Inclusion Awards for her efforts in educating legal professionals on the importance of...

Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Lisa Ballalatak

Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Lisa Ballalatak. Lisa is not just a dependable & flexible court reporter, she’s also a wonderful ambassador for the court reporting profession.

Court Reporter Spotlight: Tammie Heet

Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Tammie Heet. Tammie showcases so many of our values, she is flexible, innovative, resilient, proactive just to name a few.