Alaris ADR Welcomes Michael Shay and Meghan Brantley

Alaris ADR is excited to introduce you to our new Administrative Assistants, Michael (Mike) Shay and Meghan Brantley.

Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: James David

James ("JD") is a wonderful person to work with. He has a very close relationship with the clients and there is not a soul that doesn’t think JD is amazing...

Court Reporting in the time of COVID-19

To commemorate the National Court Reporters Association 2021 Court Reporting and Captioning Week, we’d like to honor the driven and incredibly talented court reporters and videographers on our team.

4 Tips to improve audio quality in Zoom meetings

By: Renee Combs Quinby, RDR, CRR, CCR-MO, IL-CSR, CSR-CA, AR-CCR, Realtime Systems Administrator

Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Mary Lynn Cushing

Mary Lynn Cushing is one of a kind. She doesn’t hesitate to help us out when needed including Grand Jury in other areas. Mary Lynn is someone to look up to.

Alaris-affiliated court reporter spotlight: Ashley Huelsmann

Ashley is a delight to have on the Alaris team. She brings a smile to everyone’s face and has many clients that ask for her.

Alaris ADR Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

By: Jennifer Matthew, Director of ADR Services-Alaris, and Lisa Herder, Former Director of ADR Services-Alaris